ecoplug in stumpWe pride ourselves on having a range of machinery that will enable us to gain access to most stumps. However, there are rare occasions when this is not possible, or stump grinding by machine is not appropriate.

In these circumstances, we are pleased to offer an alternative service using Ecoplugs. Holes are drilled around the stump and the plugs of glyphosate based herbicide are hammered in.   The plugs are completely sealed and are virtually impossible to remove from the stump, so pose no danger to children, pets or wildlife.

ecoplugsUsed within 2 months of a tree being cut down, the herbicide travels right around the root system, killing the stump and roots and reducing the time the stump takes to decay.   Just like a glyphosate based weed killer you might use in your garden, the chemical contained in the Ecoplug becomes inactive once in the soil and decomposes into natural substances like carbon dioxide and nitrates.